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What Is the Kendrick Extrication System?

The Kendrick Extrication System is an extrication device used for vehicle extrication from damaged motor cars. Commonly worn on ambulances, paramedic vehicles, and other first responder vehicles, the K.E.D., also known as the Kendrick Airway Device, is typically used by a first responder, an ambulance technician, or an EMT. It is often seen in the back seat of an ambulance to help a driver who is having trouble breathing in the process of being extracted from a wrecked vehicle.

The airway that is left open during an automobile accident is often very difficult to maneuver in order to get a patient in and out of the vehicle safely. Because the airway is so restricted, a patient may become confused what he needs to do next. A paramedic will often use the Kendrick airway device to help the patient make the transition from breathing with a restricted airway to breathing in a relaxed state. Be sure to click here for more info!

The Penn Care also known as the Kendrick airway device, has two straps, one on either side that attach around the base of the vehicle. These straps are connected to a harness that goes around the waist, and then there is a ring that has one end connected to the airway. The patient is then strapped into the airway strap and the ring is attached to the seat belt. When a paramedic pulls the airway strap tight, the airway remains open.

The device works just like the one made by Dr. Robert Kendrick. The only difference is that this device is equipped to work on smaller cars and trucks, whereas Kendrick's device was made for larger cars. Although the Kendrick device is not as heavy as the Kendrick extrication system, it is still quite effective and is very reliable. The Kendrick system was made by Dr. Kendrick himself, who is an expert in this field. Know more about health at

The airway device is not only used to help people who are in a car, but it can also be used to assist those who are involved in a vehicle accident. When one of these individuals is involved in an accident where he or she is unable to breath and is not responding to standard first aid techniques, it can be used to help them get to an ambulance.

There are many times when individuals who are involved in a car accident do not want to stay in the car and cannot move themselves. This is especially true when they are injured. A patient who has a broken bone or other serious injury and cannot walk around may have difficulty getting into a vehicle. They may not be able to even get into the driver's seat if they were not wearing a safety belt.

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